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First let me thank the adventurous group who attended my 5 week class, "5 Habits that Build Resilience and Enhance Well-Being." It was a fun and interesting adventure as we all learned our way through working with an online classroom - with all the glitches and hiccups that come with that!


I'm pleased to announce that I will be teaching again for the fall session, this time, taking one of the 5 Habits and diving into it in depth. "Renewal, Revision and Reinvention After 50" takes the ideas of purpose, mission and vision down to a personal level. You can read more about it on my Well-Being for U! page. As soon as registration goes up, I'll post it.


My second class will be a one-time "Laughter Break for the Health of It" which promises to be fun and enlightening!

RESCHEDULED. I'll be one

of the keynote presenters at

Brookdale's Women's Conference


2020 Happiness Happens Event

August is Happiness Happens Month

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Some Quick Tips During These Difficult Days


Personal Resilience: 5 Habits to Support Well-Being During Times of High Stress

What People Are Saying


From a recent presentation to New Jersey Lawyers:


"Great content and Ms. Braman was especially engaging. The examples were relatable and she was funny."


"I feel better!"


"Informative and concrete techniques. Very good."


"Helpful, practical information. Worthwhile!"


"Not your usual CLE class - but it was wonderful."


Recent Events
June 2020 - A Special Statement from Noreen Braman

PInk hair, don't care! Noreen Braman show off her recently dyed pink hair.


During this time of working from home, social distancing, mask-wearing and toilet paper scavenging, what are you doing to bring a smile to your face? Finding some humor in the midst of stressful circumstances is a time-honored way to help yourself manage.


I've been seeking out funny movies and the comedians I enjoy and only watching news reports long enough to be informed. On a Zoom call with my grandchildren, everyone brought hats, masks and costumes to the virtual party. And on my video page are two video done specifically for this time — one for the littlest laughers, and the other a Laughter Mindfulness Meditation for everyone!


I also decided this was the perfect time to put some pink haircolor in my hair — something I've been thinking about doing for a long time, but never quite had the nerve. What better time than now! The Love of My Life and I also took a risk and gave each other haircuts! I think we both survived that!


Here's hoping you are finding way to smile and laugh while attending to these very serious circumstances. I send you all thoughts of strength and healing.


Yours in love and laughter,



Noreen Braman

something to smile about

Planning a conference, seminar, retreat or other event IN 2020? Consider including a well being presentation, laughter breakout activity or sunrise mindfulness session to any conference, seminar, or retreat you are organizing for 2020. No matter what the theme is of your gathering, make it memorable by providing well being information and breaks. Your attendees will be refreshed, renewed and de-stressed.

Give your attendees Something to Smile About

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Career Day at the Paul Robeson School for the Arts

Noreen Braman presents a digital art photo to the principal of the Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts


Presenting a special digital art photo work to the Principal of the Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts. For more info about my graphic art and design work see DIGITAL DREAMS.